South African Director AK studied film and has been wedded to the Industry ever since: starting at the bottom and working his way up Promo Producing, Editing and then Directing. He is now a renowned TVC Specialist with over 20 years experience and a client list that includes BMW, Adidas, Coca-Cola, McDonalds to name but a satisfied few.

AK is a Special Effects Expert as his Motion Control and Time Slice work makes very clear - His stunning “Lemon Water” is almost hallucinatory - But it’s not just cinematic magic that he offers; striking graphic visuals and conceptual ideas go hand in hand with strong storytelling, dynamic narratives and powerful voiceover work. This Director is a Post Production genius as well as an extraordinary cinematographer.

AK has been recognised for his outstanding talent worldwide; Dogstar Golds, British Design Awards , Cannes, Asian & Adfest and Design & Art Direction Prizes all litter his creative space - yet he still finds time to pursue his passion for Documentary Film making because AK is super cool and super good, in fact, in a word, he’s SMASHING.


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Product: PROFMED
Director: AK