From Set Up, through Shooting, to Post Production and Delivery SMASH offer a range of Services; both technical and practical, to suit all budgets and products.

SMASH offer a unique Production environment to facilitate a range of requirements including:

  1. short films
  2. commercials
  3. music videos
  4. table top
  5. viral campaigns
  6. TVC’s

-   idents

We can help you set up a Shoot, we can run the Shoot or we can put you in touch with other technical services and Post Production for your Shoot produced elsewhere. From Studio Space, Casting and Camera /Equipment hire we have all the contacts necessary.

Production requirements are be customised to fit;  however individual the needs of a Project. Rather than a one size fits all  approach it is our ability to identify the best fit from an extensive address book which ensures an individual approach to each project, both artistically and technically.

Services and Contact assistance include:

  1. Studio Space
  2. Equipment hire
  3. equipment technicians
  4. lighting services
  5. Editors
  6. Post Production Special effects
  7. Locations
  8. Camera Crew
  9. Lighting Crew
  10. Transport and Accommodation


Production is about CREATIVITY and LOGISTICS, at SMASH the picture you had in mind will be the picture you see on screen.