David was awarded a First Class Honours Degree in Film and Photographic Arts at the start of his career and has never looked back. Now he is a double-Emmy award winning Director of Commercials with numerous other International Awards for his Short Films and Cinematography.

With a background in editing, as well as extensive post production & technical skills, David is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. His gift for strong storytelling & touching performances, no matter how brief the script, enhances every message and benefits any product: This Directorial style transforms an eye through the lens into a conversation with the viewer.

Major brands such as NIVEA, CHEVROLET, EMIRATES & BACARDI are just some of the Clients to have benefited from Davids’ three dimensional narrative approach and creative strengths. The now iconic ‘Diver’ film for the Burj al Arab Hotel Dubai provides, quite literally, a birds eye view of his exceptional talent and highly polished results.

If the “Only 7 Star Hotel in the World” want David behind the Camera then SMASH want David on the roster.


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Product: Umbro  "Purple Boots"
Director: David Ward